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Company Name
Change Vision, Inc.
February 22, 2006
Members of the Board
Corporate auditor
Kenji Hiranabe
Nobuyuki Kosaka
Toshihiro Okamura
Toshiki Iwanaga
Tomohiro Uesaka

c/o Work Styling, 5th Floor, Shiodome City Center, 1-5-2,
Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-7105, Japan
  Fukui Office
3-111 Toiyacho, Fukui City, Fukui, JAPAN 918-8231

Message from CTO

"We improve System Development with you."

We started this company Change Vision, Inc. in 2006 as a vendor of modeling tool "Astah". Since then, Astah has been chosen and adopted in the embedded system development, enterprise software dvelopment, software development trainings and many academic institutions to model UML with because of its "ease of use". We always value customer's feedback and have been developing Astah to make it "the most lovable tool" based on what we learned from customers. To provide a tool truly helps system design and development - this is our mission.
We communicate with engineers and researchers all around the world and find any spots that can get better together, then we provide the tool back to you to achieve the improvement.
This is how Astah has grown in the past years and will be evolving by.
Change Vision is with you who want to make changes in the system development. We listen and improve "Gemba" - your daily workplace - together.
Kenji Hiranabe, astah, CTO

CTO Kenji Hiranabe


"I worked with Kenji on translating my book 'Agile Project Management'. He has a great grasp of the concepts and practices of agile project management and development and I wish him well with his new company."

-Jim Highsmith
The author of "Agile Project Management"

"Hiranabe-san has been a leader in the Japanese Agile and XP (software development) movements. He is recognized for having outstanding technical and leadership abilities, and brings to the company the necessary deep understanding of the breadth of the field and the particulars of the Japanese culture. He is also sensitive to the human cultural factors involved in evolving an organization. Change Vision is fortunate to have Kenji Hiranabe-san in its leadership team. "

-Alistair Cockburn
The author of "Crystal Clear"

"All companies face the challenge of transforming the knowledge of individuals into the wisdom of teams, then on to the collective vision of the company and the common knowledge of the industry. To the extent that companies meet the challenge of leveraging knowledge better than their competitors, they hold a significant competitive advantage. We have tried many things -documents, blueprints, even e-mails and conversations. But nothing is quite as effective as just the right set of concise diagrams and graphs that capture the essence of the situation. In the software development industry we have been searching for a common language to express knowledge, having discovered that neither documents nor casual conversations are adequate. In ChangeVision we have a great tool for helping us visualize the essence of the problem and merge the knowledge of individuals into the collective understanding of the development team."

-Mary Poppendieck
The author of "Lean Software Development"

"Mr. Hiranabe has been a strong and steady supporter of Extreme Programming in Japan since it first became publicly known. He has communicated and adapted XP to make it more useful to Japanese programmers. Now he is bringing XP and other software development improvements to a larger market with his tools and consulting services. I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes with his new company, Change Vision."

-Kent Beck
The author of "Extreme Programming Explained"