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Why and how you made Scrum - Interview with Jeff Sutherland by Kenji Hiranabe


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Why and how Scrum is made - Interview with Jeff Sutherland at scruminc


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Being Interviewed by Kenji Hiranabe
Conversation with One of the Agile Thought Leaders in Japan



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[Interview] Examining the Roots of Agile


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Interview with Kenji Hiranabe



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Gordon Pask Award 2008 Winners


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The Development of a New Car at Toyota


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Kanban Applied to Software Development: from Agile to Lean


2007 TRICHORD got published on media in U.S!

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Practice Lean Development? You Bet You Kan(ban)


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Visualizing Agile Projects with Kanban Boards


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PRESS RELEASE: TRICHORD Drives Project Improvement at Gemba


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Article: Lean Kanban Boards for Agile Tracking